Friday, December 6, 2013

TB Tutorial day with Akshay from Gensler 5.12.13

5th December 2013: We had a tutorial day one week before the end of term, and we feel that this is the last day when really important decisions have to be made.... after this, it's about resolving and drawing up the designs. Our special guest for the day was Akshay Sethi of Gensler.
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Akshay is one of our alumni from Tall buildings 2009-2010, and did a tall building in 6th year - he is doing them in Gensler's now! He also worked on the London element of the Town Square Re-imagined, which is a free App on the iPhone.

We start with the Rotterdam project while Akshay is stuck in traffic on the M6! We might call it the Groene Landbouw en Blaak.

Akshay makes a start on the Singapore Sing-HKS tower, perhaps it should be SingaSport tower!

Sing-ZCC are now called Awakening Trees, and Phil is checking out the plans.

DNc and Akshay consider Awakening Trees. There is major discussion about their ground plane when we discover that they do not seem to have an entrance to Tanjong Pagar station.

Akshay and DNC are concentrating on the Rotterdam design, while Yuri is checking out the SingaSport towers.

David and Akshay consider the Groene Landbouw Rotterdam project: We advised them to rotate or rebuild the residential section. In a chain reaction of decision making, they made more sweeping changes to the whole design, almost a redesign. We would normally be worried about this, but they were able to re-configure the elements quickly.

Alex and Akshay discuss Alex's plan for the air-cleaning tower in Tianjin.

Alex continues work on the air cleaning tower, while Yuri examines the ideas in the Electronic Waste Recycling tower.

Phil looks at Giulia's School tower while Akshay checks out the Pharmaceutical farming tower. 

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