Monday, January 25, 2010

The Final Crit for Term One

25 Jan: We had tutorials on 13th December just to help people finalise the design of their layout, and the Crit itself was on 20th Jan.
We had Lukazs Platkowski, Harjinder Singh, Sabina Fazlic, Simon Palmer as guests to help Davidnc and Phil, and Paul Jozsa helped out in the groups, including photography.
Most students managed to get their drawings up the night before, and Every student made it to the crit. It was a good exhibition, and every student and tutor taking part should be proud of the effort that has gone into the project. We try to achieve a good balance between research/innovation and reality/authenticity. Some of the presentation is extremely good, considering how much of it is dependent on underpowered laptops spending hours doing renderings. Well done everybody!

Below is the display from Rotterdam, the Water Tower group (David, Sam and Sadie).