Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Tall Building crit of the Summer Term 2013

24 April 2013: The term has started and it is the first crit/tutorial day of the term. We were lucky to get both Lukasz Platkowski (Gensler) and Steve Fernandez (Arups) up on the same day. The day was a pin-up day, so there were posters on the wall, although later some tutorials moved to the tables (not so much standing and leaning, less stress on the back!)
Steve examines the Goal! projectSteve checking out the Zzyzx! twin tower project
Steve listens to the Learning Tree groupLukasz on the ATA project: should it be a zig-zag or a twin tower?
Steve and Lukasz, on Jayanth and ATA respectivelySteve finding that Urban Crack need to make their megacolumns pass through
Lukasz looking at podium proposal by Learning TreeThere's a real buzz in the studio when we have three tutors and all students asked to write into a feedback form for all schemes
Lukasz and Grace consider the Big Blend! This will have an algae growing facadeLukasz suggesting that the vertical elements of the Goal! should have deeper floorplates

[all photos by DNC]