Friday, May 14, 2010

Dario Trabucco visiting

14 May : Dario Trabucco, a Tall Buildings expert resident in Venice, is visiting Nottingham for a couple of days. He took part in the latter part of our crit on 13 May, and today delivered a lecture on the History of Tall Building Cores. Dario will be publishing this as a CTBUH paper soon.
Although only a small number of students turned up, it was very good lecture with room for discussion. It ended with a discussion of embodied energy of tall buildings, compared with their running costs.
  Dario is hosting a mini-conference in Venice in late June to discuss further research directions in the world of Tall Buildings.

In the picture, Dario has the Campanile of San Marco on his right and the Met Life building in New York on his left.

Leamouth, second interim crit

13 May : We had the second interim crit, all day in the Marmont studio. We had three visiting tutors to help (Chris Gaylord, Sabina Fazlic and Simon Palmer) with our usual inhouse team of DNC and Phil, and Paul helping. We are all pretty pleased at the progress since the start of term, and everybody produced good posters and new models. Thankyou!
   Later in the evening it was the Architects' Ball, at Colwick Hall. Plenty of last year's and last semester's tall building students were there, but I fear that we have tired out our present group as only 4 were at the ball (three of them pictured).

Pictured: DNC, Aurelia, Rain and Ben