Monday, June 24, 2013

External Examiner's visit

19 June 2013: We had the visit of our External Examiner, Christian Male, from Ian Simpson Architects. The exhibition is up and looking good, and we had all our STB students present, plus a few from the M.Arch Design course who had good stuff on the wall that needed explaining.

Jiajing and Putri explain their designs to Christian.

Christian sits with the MArch STB students and goes through portfolios. Douglas is showing his.

Now, Vivek's portfolio.

Now, Adri's portfolio.

This is Christian's last year in the role of External Examiner - he has done it for four years, very conscientiously, and has provided us with some good ideas, support and stability. We have interviewed someone for the position for the next 4 years who we hope will be as good. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Panorama of Exhibition 2013

19 June 2013: Here's a panorama of the exhibition and we await the arrival of our external examiner, Christian Male from Ian Simpson Architects. This is his fourth year of visiting.

On the left is our first semester work, and Phil has made a single A0 poster for each project. On the right, we have every scheme on display, and every student has been given a space to fill to the edge with good stuff! Models are everywhere, on the desks and on the upper shelves.

Summer Exhibition ready!

18 June 2013: The Tall Buildings Summer Exhibition is ready and we await the External Examiner on 19th June.

First semester work, with the model of Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. On the near left, Rotterdam tower by Douglas Saraiva, then the triple tower of Vivek, Weiqi and Song, then the Vertical farm of Matt Humphreys, and the Abu Dhabi tower by Adri and Amna in the corner. Facing us is the vertical campus of Michael Photiou.

Second semester work with the Elephant and Castle model in the foreground, Big Blend over the fireplace, Learning Tree on the left, and U-Cube on the right.

On the long wall, we have Jay, ATA, Zzyzx and Goal!

Elephant and Castle model with Big Blend on the site

Singapore model with the Parks in the Sky triple tower on the site

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Portfolio completion and Studio boarding

5th June 2013: It's getting closer to Portfolio submission date, and there's a buzz in the studio of people getting models finally finished, and artwork improved.

Goal! group are adding fine details to their model of the Folding Tower.

There is an exhibition next week, and we have Tony and Callum working hard to put new pinboard on the walls, making it easier and smoother to pin everything up. It'll be a much better workplace next session. We are finally getting rid of the complex wood mouldings that decorated the walls, but made pinning impossible. (If the building ever needs to be restored, they are available from B&Q)