Monday, June 24, 2013

External Examiner's visit

19 June 2013: We had the visit of our External Examiner, Christian Male, from Ian Simpson Architects. The exhibition is up and looking good, and we had all our STB students present, plus a few from the M.Arch Design course who had good stuff on the wall that needed explaining.

Jiajing and Putri explain their designs to Christian.

Christian sits with the MArch STB students and goes through portfolios. Douglas is showing his.

Now, Vivek's portfolio.

Now, Adri's portfolio.

This is Christian's last year in the role of External Examiner - he has done it for four years, very conscientiously, and has provided us with some good ideas, support and stability. We have interviewed someone for the position for the next 4 years who we hope will be as good. 

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