Friday, September 13, 2013

Dissertation months go by, and then complete in September

13 Sept 2013: The months of the summer are taken up with Dissertation preparation. This requires long hours of working alone, with regular weekly appointments with tutors. It is a great relief when the work finally gets printed and bound!
   This summer, we have tried to fill the vacation months with other activities too. Douglas and his wife Julia (pictured with completed dissertations) have been playing in their own band, three nights a week of exciting Brazilian samba rhythm.
  DNC's dissertation girls have been having outings to famous places which you could normally only see with a motorcar - Hardwick, Lincoln and Newstead. I can only apologise that there weren't enough weekends to see even more!

Here, Huang Chen is considering the possibilities of climatically and culturally responsive residential design in the context of Xi'an, China.Chen, Adriana and Kaiqing take a trip to Newstead Abbey, to see the Sealed Knot re-enacting a Civil War Battle of the 1640s. 
Douglas and Julia, and their guitarist Philip Whitehead are changing the acoustic character of Beeston with their pulsating Brazilian musical rhythm, but sadly, it all comes to an end in October '13 when they return home. Chen, Adriana and Kaiqing take a trip to Hardwick Hall, the home of Bess of Shrewsbury in the Elizabethan era.
Chen, Adriana and Kaiqing take a trip to Lincoln City and Cathedral.Outing to the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham, experiencing some Italian cinema in La Grande Bellezza.

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