The Team

The Tall Buildings programme started in 2002 with a research and teaching studio headed by Dr Antony Wood. He is now in Chicago as a professor and as head of the CTBUH. The Nottingham team is headed by David Nicholson-Cole course director of the M.Arch in Sustainable Tall Buildings.

We are supported by an excellent team of experts, some of whom come a few times each semester for a tutoring day.

Studio Leaders:
David Nicholson-Cole - still running the course
Dr Philip Oldfield - has departed to Australia Sept 2015

Uni of Nottingham staff helpers:
Dik Jarman
John Edmonds
John Ramsay
Chunxiao Lu
Samantha Worrall
Xianfeng Wu

External experts:
David Leonard (Leonard Design )
Dirk Krolikowski (Rogers Stirk Harbour)
Lukasz Platkowski (Gensler)
Akshay Sethi (Gensler)
Steve Fernandes (Arups)
Prof Joana Gonzales (AA School)
Ivan Jovanovic (BDSP)
Paul Simovic (KPF)
Prof Ken Shuttleworth (Make)
John Prevc (Make)
Jason Seward (Red Fire)
Jason Pomeroy (J Pomeroy Studio)
Prof Antony Wood (Chicago IIT, CTBUH)
Andrew Chapman (Brewster Bye)
Tom Rhys Jones (Jefferson Sheard)
Milind Khade (Zaha Hadid)
Steve Nicholson (Delta Energy)

PhD Student helpers in Uni of Nottm:
Noura Ghabra (PhD on Tall building facades in arid climates)
Yuri Hadi (PhD on Social spaces in tall buildings)
Xianfeng Wu (PhD on Education spaces in tall buildings)

[As time goes on, we will add face-photos and mini biographies to this page.]

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  1. As a contribution we would like to invite you to view a short presentation on the essential needs of people within buildings’ - occupants, users and the local community - and innovative sustainability performance reporting.

    Your questions, comments and interest are warmly welcomed.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Chris Thorne
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