Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mobile access to the website

28 Dec '10: DNC writes: I just discovered that it's possible to view this blog (and the others that I do) using a Mobile device. Normally, you need a phone with a large screen and very good reception to pick up a full web page. Most of the heavily used sites like the BBC, Eurosport, Guardian have Mobile versions.
   Well thanks to Google blogger, we have too! If you have a mobile phone, try this site with your iPhone or Android phone. (I hope it works for you).
  I already use my iPhone as the hand held device for my PV roof, now it is even more useful, for checking my various blogs!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tall Building Students for lunch!

14 Dec '10: We invited the Tall Building students for lunch at DNC's house in West Bridgford. We couldn't do it earlier because the term has been so busy, and we have some weeks of snow and icy roads making the house somewhat inaccessible.
It was a 'bring your own', so there was an interesting variety of food, and some students brought flowers - Thankyou!

  One of the purposes of the visit was to discuss interseasonal storage, heat pumps, photovoltaic and underfloor heating all of which have some relevance to the high rise we are designing for New York. There wasn't time to show the PPT file, but there was every chance to discuss the ideas.
  Some of the students (who were not with us) are in Scotland on a road trip - good luck to them, and we hope they escape before the next lot of snow falls!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Graduation of the first MArch STB cohort

9 Dec '10: Phil and DNC attended the graduation, and we had the pleasure of seeing our first cohort of MArch STB students graduating, Savita Poojari, Ashwin Chaudari (and Pranali Shah in absentia).

In this photo, Sim yee Lee, Phil, Savita and DNC. Being December, we all emerged into darkness, so we do not have the usual rituals of throwing hats in the air. There was snow on the ground and below freezing temperatures, so we all rush off to the Conference centre for refreshments.
In this photo there are six Tall Building graduates, with Savita and Ashwin 2nd and 3rd from right.

Congratulations, and good luck for all your future careers!