Saturday, March 19, 2016

KPF and Gensler visit the studio

17 March 2016: Paul Simovic of KPF and Akshay Sethi of Gensler visited the studio for the end of term design tutorials. Tons of motivational talk and great advice! Just what they need before the long Easter vacation break. 

Paul and DNC with the ZOG group
Akshay with the All India group
Akshay with the LYX group
Paul with the All India group
Akshay demonstrates some of his own work to everybody listening
Paul helping the LYX group with their form and planning
DNC and Paul helping the REM group
Paul, DNC, Akshay with the REM and ZOG groups

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Andy Chapman visits the studio

10 March 2016: Andy Chapman, one of DNC's best alumni from 2008, now living and working in Leeds, visited the studio for a day. His design for a tower in Canary Wharf was used as the signature graphic for the launch of the Masters of Architecture in Sustainable Tall Buildings, in 2009.

Andy with AASK
Andy with ZOG
Samantha and Noura with AASK
Samantha and Noura with LYX
Andy with LAX
Andy with REM

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ivan Jovanovic visits the studio for environmental advice

3 March 2016: Ivan Jovanovic is our environmental strategies expert and he is here to see the initial master planning and form making ideas of each of the nine groups.