Thursday, August 23, 2012

Soha & Fahimeh design for Abu Dhabi published

23 August 2012: Congratulations to Fahimeh, Soha and Najla for getting their Abu Dhabi project - A New Shibam - published in the Scroope Journal. The journal editors called it a project "which we thought comprehensively engaged with environmental design principles and the contemporary issue of high-rise housing within a rapidly developing urban context"

Fahimeh and Soha (from Isfahan, Iran) are graduates from the MArch STB course, 2010-2011

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vertical (and Helical!) farming idea

22 August 2012: We use this blog to tell you about our tall building studio, but occasionally, there is a scheme in the news that is so relevant or compelling, we cannot resist telling you about it. This is remarkable, not just because of the design but because it is actually being BUILT! and should be operating actively in early 2013!

"The Linkoping urban greenhouse, as designed by architectural firm Plantagon, will be a conical glass building that uses an extensive internal conveyor belt-style system to move potted plants from seeding, growing and harvesting stations.
    As the plants move under the glazed walls and ceilings their pots will be rotated to give the fruit and vegetables optimal exposure to available sunlight.
    It's more than just a tall greenhouse."