Friday, December 13, 2013

Tall Building Graduation 13 Dec 2013

13 December 2013: Friday morning is Graduation Day for the Masters, so Phil and David took off to the University Sports Centre to take part.

Amna Shahid achieved a distinction in 2012-2013, despite formidable difficulty of daily travelling from Peterborough and a family to look after. Highly deserved! She did a residential tower in Abu Dhabi, a University tower in London and a dissertation about Islamic symbolism in tall building architecture.Yuri Hadi has been doing his PhD for some years and now graduates. As a PhD student he has been very helpful with some studio tutoring in Tall Buildings. 

Putri Novianty and Grace Susanto are two of the best students we have had in the TB Studio, and we also met Yang Li who was in the first semester doing a Hotel tower for Rotterdam. 

Huang Chen was in the second semester of 2012-13, doing her 'Folding Tower' with two classmates. 

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