Monday, December 16, 2013

TB party at DNC house 15 Dec 2013

15 Dec 2013: Every semester we try to organise a party at the Peveril Solar house, but the semester is so busy, we normally wait till the end of term, after Graduation. It's usually a Pot Luck, meaning that everybody brings some food as a contribution.

Shuo and Khushboo

Chen and Chukai are here for graduation. Chen was a Tall Building student in 2012-2013 year. They are about to fly to China shortly after the party.

Our three scholarship students from India, Harsh, Khushboo and Sanjiv, have done a lot of cooking.

Forgot to photograph the first contributions, but quick! get a photo of the dessert!

Lucia (Indonesia) and Chen and Shuo (China). Slightly mystified after DNC tried to explain the origins of the English Civil War (1642-1649) and Nottingham's role in it.

Shuo is clever at doing things with hair, so she is trying it out on Chen. The others are gathering for a group photo!

The group photo is nearly ready, but DNC and Chukai are missing….

Set the self take, but for DNC, there's only time to creep into the base of the group! Oh dear, looks like the group are at a wake.

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