Friday, December 13, 2013

Tall Building Crit for Masters 13 Dec 2013

13 December 2013: Last day of term, and it is time for the interim final crit for the Masters students. This isn't the final 'final crit' - they have a vacation ahead to improve, validate and present the design, so it's for good advice. We will have an exhibition and portfolio submission in January. We had Sixth yr Matt Humphreys, Engineer Lydia and Graduand Huang Chen as guest reviewers.

Harsh, Khushboo and Sanjiv amaze us all with SIX metres of continuous scroll of printout of their Sport-XLA project - slightly shorter than the Bayeux Tapestry, but containing many more images. There is a high degree of depth in the drawings, including detailed apartment plans. The scheme is still difficult to understand due to the complexity of the bridges and sport venues, but we try hard (sorry, only have the one photo).

The Rotterdam Groene Landbouw Toren project has been largely redesigned in just one week, but you would hardly know it, judging by the pin up - there are 3D CAD models, large section, new physical model, and most of the important bits planned - and more importantly, it is a lot better than a week ago. There is the 'Urban Window onto Oudehaven' concept added to their busy agenda.

Shuo demonstrates the design using the physical model.

With all Bioclimatic design, it is very important to know where the Sun is.
   The Rotterdam students have done their best to make sure that Philip knows where the sunlight comes from! Another excellent use for an orange.

Philip checks out the site planning and ground plane design of the Groene Landbouw Toren, Rotterdam.

Shuo and Lucia listen to comments about office and hotel plans, and Huang Chen looks on.

Lydia and Phil listening to the explanation of the Awakening Trees group design for Singapore.

Awakening Trees group explain their plans.

On Monday 16, Phil is due to do a talk about Presentation methods, and DNC and Phil see students to discuss what more they need to do over the vacation. 

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