Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tall Building Crit of 12th December

12 December 2013: It's the day for the December crit of the Tianjin group (Fifth years). They have another month before exhibition and portfolio.

Alfie show us his residential tower with its emphasis on courtyards, terraces and social spaces.

Chris shows us his tower, as a place for spiritual retreats, meditation, worship or just a hotel for calm tourism.

James has a tower for recycling of modern consumer goods, particularly computers, phones and laptops, with exchanges for selling precious metals.

Philip N has a residential tower that also includes vertical farming, with an emphasis on valuable pharmaceutical plants.

Giulia has a three school tower

Haniyyah's Dance academy tower

Laura's plans for bicycling towers are developing well, although we advise more dwelling units in the towers.

Alex's vertical air cleaning tower is looking good.

The Rotterdam group showed us their programme for the week. This seems like a good idea to plan the work week out, and to have a system for work transfer if jobs get done too quickly or are taking too long. They even remember to include instructions to sleep, eat, re-charge phones and laptops!

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