Friday, May 3, 2013

Tall Building Tutorials 1st & 2nd May

3 May 2013: We had a double day of tutoring this week as it is near the end of the semester, and soon there will be no more tutoring left to do, and the teams must complete the presentation. We had Dik Jarman as a guest on Wednesday 1st May, and he hasn't seen the schemes before, so it was a good test of the readability of the student drawings. Much has been changed since the tutorials of the previous week, and all of the designs had enough for Dik to get to grips with. The groups also had videos to show, and really some of them were a very good start, for a first attempt.

We look at group ATA's design - now a twin tower with a share core between

Group Learning Tree explain their facade colouring ideas to Dik (and showed us an excellent fly through video)

Jayanth explains his megabraced frame

Even when we are not in the studio, work carries on in the sunshine courtyard in front of the Marmont cafe.

Group U-Cube (new name), with cubic architecture on large outriggers

Group Big Blend have algae farming facades, and the best video of the day!

2nd May 2013: We had a double visit from Paolo Beccarelli and Yuri Hadi, both from within the department. Paolo spent half an hour with each group studying their proposals for using ETFE or for atrium glazing.

Yuri was specialising in Ground Plane, Podium and Basement design ideas. We have never before gone to this level of detail, the designs are more thoroughly developed than ever!

The Tall Building studio is a wonderfully busy place on studio days, even when the groups are not having a tutor at their desk, they are continuing to work in between tutorials.

Paolo is checking out the algae tubes and panelled facade of Big Blend.

Yuri is discovering that group ZZYZX! basement is far too large, and we are trying to reduce the footprint, by deepening it and introducing rental fleet of LPG cars to reduce the number of residents' cars required.

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