Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photos of pinned up projects 22 May 2013

22 May 2013: We've had the crit, and there are another 2 weeks to complete these to the personal portfolios. Here are some iPhone captured images of the pin-ups on the wall, I hope to replace these with sharper posters when these are available.

Jayanth working individually produced a hotel and residential tower with a highly visible megabraced frame.

Group Learning Tree have a Vertical Campus. Although the ideal campus probably is horizontal, the point of this research is to work on a way to make a campus work happily when space is really tight in a major city centre location.

Group Goal! (also now calling themselves Folding Tower) have linked twin towers.

Group U-Cube delighted us with an ambitious video and and excellent model of their megastructure with large outriggers as public sky leisure spaces and parks supporting compositions of cubic housing forms.

Group ATA have linked twin towers with offices and residential, topped with a tall vertical farm and a wind farm at the very crown.

Group Big Blend completed their Algae facade mixed use complex with great professionalism and elan - a tall twin-tower with a linking core and algae filled facade panels, and a mini-tall podium block of education and research.

Group Zzyzx! have a twin tower with university, student accommodation, residential, and two vertical farms in half dome shapes.

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