Friday, May 10, 2013

Joana Gonzalez visits Tall Building Gonzalez

9 May 2013: Prof Joana Gonzalez used to be a frequent tutor in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and since then has been working with BDSP, the AA School and writing two books. She made a very welcome return in 2013, spending a day with us, looking at every scheme and delivering a lecture. Her specialism is environmental strategy, and the special focus today was the design of facades.

Joana delivered a lecture on facades, particularly the double skin facade. A few years ago she was favourable to it, but since writing her book, she has developed a healthy skepticism about it, particularly in the British climate. As Ken Shuttleworth frequently points out, there is a benefit in returning to 'more Wall than Glass'. This idea can produce more thermally stable buildings and reduce the need for double facades (which are more necessary for fully glazed buildings).

Joana and Noura look at the Learning Tree

Joana and Noura look at the Big Blend

Joana and Noura look at Jay's scheme

Joana and Noura look at ATA

It's been a good day and it's time to get the train home - enough students are left for a group photograph.
Thankyou Joana!

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