Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ken Shuttleworth visits Tall Building Studio 8 May'13

8 May 2013: We had a major triple-table tutoring day. We were honoured to have Ken Shuttleworth (of Make Architects) visiting us for a day. We also had a tutoring day from Jason Seward (head of Fire Engineering at WSP-Genivar) and Akshay Sethi (alumnus of this studio, now working at Gensler and visiting us for the first time). We are getting to the end of the tutoring period of the semester now, so it is important to finalise the designs and ensure that the students are happy to draw up what they have now.

Jason Seward started with a lecture on Fire Engineering

Jason Seward lectures on Fire Engineering. Fresh air pressurisation of core and stair lobbies is a major topic which was explained in detail.

Ken looks at the Zzyzx! design: they made two entirely new models overnight for him!

Akshay Sethi looks at Jayanth's scheme

While waiting for the tutorial, work continues

Jason has a Fire tutorial with Learning Tree

Jason has a Fire tutorial with ATA

Ken's advising the U-Cube group: should something more exciting be done with the crown of the building?

The Zzyzx! group made a larger model of the vertical farm for the FCT hand in, and it's big enough to wear

Akshay's looking at the ATA scheme

Akshay has questions about ATA's core connecting the two main towers

Ken is studying the GOAL! design: the upper part of the twin tower seems oversize, and the podium buildings need jazzing up a bit!

Jason is trying to improve the cores of the Zzyzx! group

Ken studies the Learning Tree

Akshay looks at the GOAL! design

Big Blend are trying to grow algae, and Ken is trying to improve their cores and the slenderness ratio of their towers

Zzyzx! have conjoined twin towers with two different ways of doing the cores, and Akshay is looking for improvements

Jason is rounding off his day's tutoring with a study of the GOAL! design

Ken has some significant suggestions to make for the ATA design: they need a day to decide to take on the challenging new ideas

Akshay with the U-Cube group

Nearly time for the train to London, last moments of tutoring: Ken with GOAL! and Akshay with Big Blend.

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