Thursday, May 23, 2013

People and action at the Crit of 22 may '13

22 May 2013: For the Crit day, we had John Prevc (of Makeand John Ramsay (of UoN) joining DNC and Phil.First we had some videos on show, then we gave each group twice times 40 minutes with parallel panels of crit-tutors.

Big Blend presenting to John Prevc and DNC

Phil and John R with group U-Cube

DNC and John P with group ATA

DNC and John P with group ATA

Phil and John R with Jayanth

Overhead view of the whole crit-space

John P and DNC with group Goal!

A lot of sound on the East wall, but nobody is wailing, we are enjoying the day's work, celebrating the achievements of the semester. Now, another 2 weeks to round off the portfolio, a design and materials report to do, a facade technology report to do. All along, they are thinking about dissertation subjects.

Group Learning Tree explaining to Noura, Phil and John

It's been a tough few weeks and days, and everybody is entitled to take a little rest!

John R and Phil look at group ATA's twin tower

DNC, John P and Noura listening to Jayanth

John Prevc listening to group Zzyzx!

Phil and John Ramsay listening to group Goal!

Close up of the Zzyzx! vertical farm proposal

Zzyzx! celebrating the end of the Crit with DNC hiding behind the farm

We have a talk back to the students at the end (sorry that this is slightly blurred)

It's sad to take the work down so quickly, but the room is needed by others for the following two days. 

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