Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tutorial day with Steve and Ivan 6 Mar 2013

6 Mar 2013: We were lucky to have two expert visiting tutors, Steve Fernandes (Arups) and Ivan Ivanovic (BDSP). Steve started with a lecture on Structure (while Ivan was still on the train). When Ivan arrived, we had our usual 'Show and Tell' in which each group tells the module what they are doing, using the large model of the Elephant sites. After a few hours of tutorials, we finished with a lecture from Ivan on Environmental Strategies.

Group ATA demonstrating their project in the "Show and Tell"

Ivan has some searching questions for Group DAV

Steve is searching for Structure in Group Big Blend

Steve finding structure in Group ATA

Ivan finds out what Group ZZC are doing - quite a lot!

Steve with Group L2C

Ivan with Group ATA

Ivan delivers a shortened version of his lecture at the end of the day.

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