Monday, March 18, 2013

Pot Luck at DNC House Mar'13

17 March 2013: We celebrated St Patricks day with a Pot Luck lunchtime at the Peveril Solar house. It was raining all the time, and has done so for the last three pot lucks at the house - so yet again, DNC cannot take students onto field to look at the house from Sharp Hill - and no sunshine to show how the panels work. 

The early arrivals are the first visitors to use the Conservatory since last summer!

Forgot to photo the table with all the food, but never mind, here we are all lining up for the desserts!

The Floating Clouds group form a huddle in the sitting room

Before we go, the group photo contains everybody (thanks for the big effort!) except for two, Douglas and Amna, who couldn't for work or travel reasons.

Everybody has been well trained by their Mums and Dads to take shoes off before walking on the carpet. Just as well, as it has been raining all day.

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