Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Further work on Facade modelling 4.3.13

4 March 2013: Monday is Facade technology day and our minds turn to the modelling project for building some structural facade types.

This is the wind tunnel we intend to use. It is large enough to walk in, there is a turntable at the end, a window to film through and a mobile smoke gun (not sure how to work that!)

The 'Floating Clouds' are working on their core and outrigger model. Although it could be done with a piece of plywood, they prefer to form a laser cut model demonstrating more closely what a major outrigger looks like.

Here is the Belt truss being formed

These trusses wrap around the core, and cantilever out to the belt truss.

Many hands make light work!

Another group, 'Superscraper' are working on the lattice facade, but got a bit disheartened at the number of nuts and bolts they are going to have to secure! 6 bolts per node!

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