Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crit of 13th March'13

13 March 2013: We had an interim crit for the Elephant and Castle scheme, with students producing drawings that could be pinned up. DNC was joined by John Ramsay and Noura Ghabra for the day. After an initial 'Show and Tell' around the model, we had 40 minute table based tutorials with each of the groups.

Group DAV have a 'Higher Education tower'

While the table tutorials are taking place, the remaining groups work quietly together on their design. I said... Quietly!

Group ZZYZX have a mixed use twin tower, including a vertical farm.

Group ZZYZX (DNC taking photos, and therefore missing from these photos….)

Noura makes a planning point for Group ZZYZX

Jayanth has a tower with a heavy megabrace at the east and west ends, and residentials facing south.

Group ATA have a really nice new model since last week, no laser cutting! This is hand-made craftsmanship!

Group JQD have complex cubic ideas, and it's going to need a very large cup of tea to think this one out!

Meanwhile, a little bit of the Core and Outrigger facade model is put together to show John what we are doing.

Group L2C have a twin tower that meets at the top. We are trying to improve the podium structures, bringing them to connect more closely with the Elephant and Castle

Group Big Blend produced very advanced drawings and a new model which impressed all of us. But it wasn't long before we were moving their entire building to the north, to form a new arrangement.

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