Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More pictures from London Site visit

4 Feb 2013: We are grateful to Grace Susanto for uploading some of her London January Field Trip photos to Facebook.

Here's another view of the beautiful structure that is part of the Producing Architecture exhibition at the Building Centre, curated by Prof Michael Stacey of our department. 
We visit this London model every year, as it gives the students a broad idea of how London is laid out. The model stretches far enough in each direction to show all significant sites and buildings that we are ever likely to see on a field trip. 
Above Left is the Strata Tower that is just next to our site in the Elephant and Castle.
Above Right is the London Shard by Renzo Piano workshop. It was not open on the day of our visit, but is open in February onwards for £25 a visit!
Left is Moor House on Moorgate. Interesting building with the curved facade facing south. 
Exchange house (SOM) bridges 75 metres across the railway lines of Liverpool St station. 

Above Left is the Broadgate Tower (SOM) that represents the northern-most end of the high rise district of City of London.
Above Right is the Heron tower (KPF), showing part of the south facade. Most of this facade is elevators and stairs, and most of it has a PV covering, as the students on the Left are just examining. As there is a site to the south of the Heron that has a 35 story tower under construction, do not expect much from this PV wall in the future.
The Megastructural bracing on the Heron Tower is necessary because it doesnt have a conventional solid core, so the facade is also the structure. Looking up the PV south facade of the Heron Tower. 
The other half of the students on the field trip are looking at Long Span Structures, so they diverted off to look at the Excel centre, O2 dome and the Thames Barrier. 

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