Thursday, February 28, 2013

Design tutorials progressing 27 Feb 2013

27 Feb 2013: Its the second week of design for the Elephant and Castle scheme, and we are seeing something from each group - I always think this a small miracle-moment when somehow students make that creative leap, and from such tentative beginnings, a strong design emerges. One thing that is on our mind is that we meet Ivan Jovanovic in a week's time and he is going to be asking tough questions about bioclimatic strategies.

Group DAV have an education tower with an oversize residential tail and DNC is working to trim it! It's a bit more Singapore than London at the moment. Just at that moment, the Sun shone through the window, the first for 10 days!

Group KQLX had a strong idea in the first week, and it is developing. It's going to be a handful even for the three of them, because they have so many mixed use ideas in one design.

Group LJQ have an interesting form, with a large 'goalpost' for the tower, and three alternatives for the podium fronting the Elephant and Castle.

Group 'Big Blend' are concentrating on the southern part of the site with a twisting tower and some green park terraces cascading down into St Mary's churchyard.

Group DCWQ are thinking of a twin tower with complex pattern of small cubic forms, and we are wondering about opening up a light shaft down the centre of the taller one, and moving the service cores outwards. Although Montreal's Habitat is a visual inspiration, it was a nightmare to build (in 1967) and more recent tall projects, e.g. by MVRDV, show a way to achieve the effect with less pain.

Group ATA have a twin tower too, but are exploring the form-making result of using triangular forms. There are some advantages in a triangular footprint, but it needs to be larger than this and they have many options to consider for the core position.

Singleton Group Jayanth has a residential tower with a wide south face, and sturdy megastructural frame at the east and west ends.

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