Thursday, February 21, 2013

First design tutorials of Semester 2

20 Feb 2013: Last week it was presentation of Site Analysis, so it is time to start design work. This is the first week of trying to design ideas. We have a wood base model of the Elephant and Castle (left over from last year) so we have the groups trying two or three different alternatives using physical models made of card or foamboard. After such a lot of analysis, and conscious of the urban context, we are rapidly into quite realistic proposals. 

Douglas Amna and Vivek (Bluesky 1) have three options for the site, although the one in the photo is a bit large! Model scale is something they have to get used to.

Kaiqing, Xuwei and Chen (Floating Clouds), considering a range of twin tower solutions

Wang Qi and Danqing (Superscraper) offer a twin tower with interesting complex cubic geometry

Floating Clouds again, with images on laptop. One interesting idea is a twin tower with 'vertically sliced mixed-use' and vertical farms.

Superscraper (1) again. DNC suggests put a sock over it.... the lightest ladies tights, naturally!

Floating Clouds (2) with three models. Sellotape makes a good tensile facade at 500th scale!

Superscraper (2)

Bluesky (2)

Jayanth (Bluesky 3)

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