Wednesday, February 13, 2013

David Leonard visits TB Studio

13 Feb 2013: We are lucky to get an annual visit from David Leonard (of Leonard Design) who is a globe trotting architect master planner with projects in China, Spain, South America, Malaysia, Mauritius, Italy, Kenya and of course some in the UK. We got him at just the right moment to coincide with our students doing a master planning exercise on the Elephant and Castle site. 
Above and Below: the 'Bluesky Dreamers' group show David their site study and take him through analysis of some volumetric permutations for the site. The other groups followed with similar ideas for organising volumes on the site. 

David had to leave at lunchtime, but we remembered to get a group photo. It's been a good morning, but we continued long into the afternoon with more presentations on the History of London, Social Spaces in Tall Buildings, and Bioclimatic/Passive/ Active strategies for tall buildings.

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