Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tutorial day for twenty one master plans! 27.2.14

27th February 2014: with 21 students, we asked for 21 different Master Plans for the Shell site (we got 22). The idea is to make every student to show what they can do individually, before we go into groups of 2 and 3. Studios B05 and A04 are likely to have FOUR master plans each by the same time next week. All the models are 1/1000 and each student produced a poster with additional details on the reasoning, the functions, the exceptional ideas proposed in their plan.

Studio B05 in the morning

Jiawei has a design with thin tall towers at the south end and a wide block at the north.

Fan has a north complex and a south complex, but they aren't particularly tall. We are not sure if it is right to isolate the Shell Tower. Shell's desire is for it to be integrated to new office floorspace.
Yue. We are also keen that people remember that there is a desire line from Waterloo to the London Eye.Chujie with an interestingly complex 3D scheme, but not very tall!
Biying and PhilPhil, Wu Dan, DNC
Yuan, with interesting 45ยบ geometryNing and Phil
The Shell Centre site is about the same size as Kowloon's 'Walled City' which held about 50,000 people, but we hope for a residential population here of about 1,500-2,000, plus a lot of offices because it is next to the largest railway station in the UK. Shell want to keep their UK headquarters on this site. Because it is next to the London Eye, and midway between the station and the South Bank, we want to make sure that there is a good tourist experience here.
The likely height limit here is about 37 storeys, 10 more than the existing Shell Tower. 
Ning, close-up
Khushboo - both K and H have moved significantly out of the site towards Waterloo Station. They also have the idea of bringing the Thames into the site, in a loop.Harsh - we are thinking that if you go that far, then include a proposal for re-using the old Eurostar terminal as an exhibition space - otherwise, stay within the designated site for the Shell Centre development. 

Ning, Phil, Yuan, DNC. The London Eye model is by Harsh and Khushboo, using 3D printing and some excellent hand finishing.

Wanzhuo, with interestingly interlocking curves

Khushboo and Harsh - three different ideas displayed

Studio B are happy and relieved that the morning is over, everybody had something to show

During the Lunch hour, Nicole Porter (architect and landscape architect on the staff) gives a talk about what makes a Healthy City

Studio A04 in the afternoon

Studio A pleased and relieved that they got through the day OK!

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