Friday, March 7, 2014

Tall Building Tutorials 6th March '14

6 March 2014: We had a special guest for the day, John Ramsay (from within the department), and we also had Noura Ghabra (PhD student). We usually start with a Show and Tell session for all.

Show and Tell with Apogee

Apogee scheme 

Hitesh, JJ, Sanjiv

JJ group1000th scale models this week, 500th next week

Sonal and Maryam

Sonal and MaryamKachi and Santosh
Kachi and SantoshNing of Zen group

Zen group

Jay group

Jay groupNoura has a close look

Jay group

Fan group

Fan group

Fan group

Harsh Khushboo

Harsh and Khushboo round off our day's tutorials

In the evening about 9 students, DNC and Mrs DNC went to the Nottingham Playhouse for the ThreePenny Opera, a revival of the 1728 Beggars Opera, re written by Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht in 1928 and then shown this year with some distinct Nottingham/London references. Wonderful stuff, and a great way to round off the tutorials day!

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