Friday, March 28, 2014

Paul Simovic (KPF) visits Tall Building Studio 27.3.14

27 March 2014: We were honoured to have Paul Simovic from KPF join us for the day. Paul was the team leader for Heron Tower in Bishopsgate, London. This Shell site of ours is also one that KPF are involved with, although the primary master plan is by Squire. We started the day with a Show and Tell, followed by double 40 minute tutorials with each group. We also had Phil, Michael Photiou and Noura with us for the day.

Jay and Biying Show and Tell

Wanzhuo Show and TellKachi Show and Tell

Fan and Yue in the Show and Tell

Suvir of Apogee Show and Tell

Tutorial with Harsh and Khushboo

Fan group tutorial

Jay group tutorial

Jay group tutorial

Jay group tutorialKachi Santosh group tutorial

Sonal & Maryam tutorial

Sonal & Maryam tutorial

JJ group tutorial

Apogee group tutorial

All the tutorials ran nearly to time, everybody got plenty of feedback, and we got Paul safely back to Beeston station!

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