Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to MArch STB 2010 !

Monday 20 Sept: Welcome to the new intake of M.Arch Sustainable Tall Buildings!
David NC and Philip Oldfield had a first meeting with the group, asking them about themselves, and where they came from. We put some examples of previous work on the table (which may have been a bit worrying as it was rather good :)
   The photo actually contains more students because some came along to listen and may finish up doing our design module or even switching to STB totally. It's a big commitment doing two design modules in tall buildings followed by a 60 credit dissertation - but the ones we have already tutored in 2009-2010 seem to have enjoyed it!
Nine students are registered, with one on the way from India in a few days time. The design module group is likely to be 30, a mixture of Diploma and Masters students.

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