Friday, September 17, 2010

Testimonial from a graduate

15 Sept: Savita Poojari of Mumbai+Dubai is one of our first vintage of M.Arch STB graduates, and has written a little testimonial for us about the course:
'Masters in Sustainable Tall Buildings' occupies a very special place in the field of Architectural Education by virtue of being the first of its kind in the whole world. As a precursor to change in the future of Architecture, this course indeed has far reaching significance.
   The sequential manner in which we were gradually exposed to the intricacies of the subject seemed intuitive and at no stage did it alienate the student from the subject. Working in groups with students from across the globe is really an experience to be cherished. We were learning about various regions of the world and how the Climate Culture and Context would affect the tall building sustainability. Our designs through studio work and related interaction became valuable additions to one's knowledge bank.
  The atmosphere in the Studio is lively and fertile with enthusiasm pouring in from all quarters. The uniqueness of the subject and individual flavour imparted by Philip Oldfield and David Nicholson-Cole never fails to inspire enthusiastic responses and participation from students. Exposure to review sessions in which an amazing array of varied ideas/ designs by students are reviewed by distinguished panel, serve as nourishment to the minds thirsty of knowledge! Modules like ARM (Architectural Research Methods), TBI (Tall Buildings Introduction), ATB (Advanced Tall Buildings) and FCT (Facade Technology) with their research based approach give ample impetus for a well rounded growth of students into more responsible proponents of Sustainable Tall building designs.
  Getting to interact and get opinions from stalwarts like Karel Voller, SOM, Rogers, Gensler, Ken Shuttleworth  and Andrew Watts en route, and using these contacts for a part of the dissertation, was surely an elevating experience which will stay with me for the days to come.
   Deftly handling the course with their awareness and knowledge of the subject matter, Philip Oldfield and David Nicholson-Cole really helped us beyond our aspirations. I will end this account of my experiences by wishing all that is best to the students who wish to pursue this course.

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