Thursday, September 30, 2010

NASA competitions in India

30th Sept: : Mandar writes: Today’s introduction was quite interesting that this year the students will be far more motivated to work on their assignments as they aim for an open competition. The Indians should find it easier as most Indian architecture colleges take part in inter collegiate competitions hosted all across the South Asia. The competition is called NASA
    I myself have taken part in it. Indian students will find it tad too easier to work on this term’s assignment if things are laid in a similar fashion. Not much needs to be changed. The NASA compeition is very similar to our interim reviews. There are judges who are architects and planners and some engineers too and students run powerpoint presentations along with videos. There are various trophies the colleges aim for but sadly none for tall buildings cause most construction sites are meant for developing tier two cities. Only two trophies involve urban renewal.

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