Friday, December 12, 2014

Tall Building Crit 11 Dec 2014

11 December 2014: Today was the final crit of the term for our Hong Kong design, although it is not the final crit of the semester. There will be a final crit in January. Previously we had not had a proper pin up of drawings, we have had tutorials in our own studio but we now decided to have a proper crit room in Lenton Firs.

Here, Philip is leading the analysis of Huzefa's scheme, on the 'triangular site'. Huzefa has produced so many drawings that he has had to migrate into a second bay in the room. He has always had a good amount of work to show, with some good drawings of climate and context background material. He also made some nicely 3-D printed demonstrations of the evolution of the form.

Teng Xinwan is also working alone and her scheme has leapt forward in the final week of term.

Priya and Gopika have also leapt ahead in the last two weeks, and their layout was good (although some of the core plans came out dark in the printing).

Arjun and Jitesh have a religious and meditation pilgrimage and hotel tower with a vast Buddha in the upper stories.

Adele and Hang Feng have a tower with a Bamboo concept, the 'scaly' sections also helping with natural ventilation. Their model has been 3-D printed.

Adele and Hang Feng tower. John Ramsay was helping David Nicholson-Cole through the afternoon.

John discusses a technical detail with Adele.

Adele shows off the 3-D printed model of herself and Hang Feng, the only student group to use 3-D printing for a complete building.

Sifan and Gigi have developed a very sophisticated mixed-use tower with high attention to detail and a nicely rendered computer model, with a well built laser-cut model.

Robin and Zeqi chose the 'triangular site' and have a complex very tall mixed use tower with great attention to views, daylighting, ventilation.

Preetika has developed a tower with an interesting geometric form, based on sun angles.

Tammy and Xiaomeng demonstrating their mixed-use tower with retail, a theatre, school, and residential above.

Group photo of some of the students who stayed around to the end of the day…

Ren and Tianyi have developed a food production production tower with a combination of factory space for ready-made meals, and vertical farming. It also includes retail and residential.

Ren and Tianyi's food manufacturing tower.

This photo montage of the vertical food production tower by Ren and Tianyi is remarkably realistic, and is perfectly scaled and angled to fit into a number of Google Street view images. Their site is on the edge of the main freeway that runs through the tunnel to Aberdeen harbour.


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