Saturday, December 13, 2014

Graduation of Tall Building Students 2014

12th December 2014: We had the Graduation ceremony in the University Sports Hall, the last one to be held here. Next year it will be in the Conference Centre, and the year after that, there will be an entirely new Sports Centre.

Group Photograph of the Department of Architecture staff attending this graduation ceremony.

Sneaky side profile selfie of the staff at the start of the ceremony.

Clarissa Wenborn was one of our students in 2011, with an excellent design for a tower in Abu Dhabi with water streaming through a series of oasis planting levels.

Lucia Pramanti and Siyi Wang worked with Shuo on a triple tower cluster designed for Rotterdam's Oude Hafen in 2013.

Harsh Varshneya and Khushboo Bansal have worked as a group on projects in Singapore, and in South Bank of London, scoring a grade A in everything during the session 2013 to 2014. Happily to say, they are still in Nottingham, working in a local practice, and are due to be married very soon. Behind them is Chujie Wang who also did both semesters, a project in Singapore and a project on the South Bank.

Santosh Raja (left) and Hitesh Gujar (centre) worked as a group on an impressive project for the South Bank in London.

Lucia Pramanti, David Nicholson-Cole, Khushboo Bansal, Philip Oldfield, Harsh Varshneya, Siyi Wang.

Chujie Wang, David Nicholson-Cole, Chang Liu.

Chujie Wang, David Nicholson-Cole, Harsh Varshneya, Philip Oldfield, Khushboo Bansal.

Hitesh Gujar, David Nicholson-Cole, Harsh Varshneya, Khushboo Bansal.

Lucia Pramanti has come all the way back from Indonesia, and she has brought her parents to the ceremony!

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