Friday, November 22, 2013

Interim crit of 21 November

21 November 2013: We had our first interim design crit, and the main guests were Prof Edward Ng from Hong Kong and Cambridge, and Steve Fernandes from Arups. John Morgan from UoN also took part.

Khushboo and Harsh explain their multi-tower multi-sport complex in Singapore for Edward and DNC. We admire the amazing presentation, but felt that the project had grown too large with 14 different venues, scattered vertically. Having centre cores in the 4 towers would cause endless problems for the management and participants.

Sports tower complex from ground level

K and H's renderings are impressive!

Phil and John view James' tower for recycling electronic waste in Tianjin

John and Phil discuss Haniyyah's performing arts complex in Tianjin

James has been working on models for his recycling tower. We were concerned that by extending the industrial processes for the entire height of the tower excluded normal families from living in it - converting the residential element into workers' dormitories - we ask, can the need for recycling be extended to such height?

Edward discusses James's tower

Steve managed to see all 12 schemes with structural advice.

DNc and Edward are looking at Philip's pharmaceutical farming and residential tower

Steve is helping the Rotterdam ground, Siyi, Lucia and Shuo

Alfie is making ingenious use of Lego for exploring the possibilities for his Hutong-inspired residential tower. DNC is thinking of getting a large Lego set for next semester's ATB module - the ability to colour code element of the building and the variety of block sizes gives creative possibilities - although it encourages a rectilinearly dominated geometry

Phil is getting close up to the drawings of the Rotterdam group

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