Friday, November 29, 2013

Article about the TB studio

29 Nov 2013: Here's a glimpse of an article about the graduate students from the Tall Building Studio in Nottingham. Arham Daodi, David Calder and Matt Humphreys have all spent time with Jason Pomeroy in Singapore.
The article appears in Exchange Issue 71, University of Nottingham, October 2013.

Exchange features the latest research and industry collaborations to news of staff and student achievements. In a recent issue, two emerging University of Nottingham alumni, Arham Daoudi and David Calder are, 'Raising standards for tall buildings'. Both graduated in 2011 and are now based in Singapore, working at Pomeroy Studio.
"Sustainability shouldn't be an afterthought; its part of the design process," Arham said. Being part of a small team of Trump Tower, Manila enabled him to learn a lot in a short time period.
Meanwhile, David is proud of his work on The Veil, an ambitious and technically challenging mixed-use development in central Kuala Lumpur. He comments, "Good design is driven by context, and we're particularly inspired by the history and heritage of the site."

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