Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Exhibition 2012

Fisheye lens view of most of the 2012 exhibition
June 2012: The Tall Building studio have a 'room of our own' in Paton house of the University, so we can put an exhibition up, and will leave it there until the start of the 2012-2013 session - so that the incoming students can see the work on the wall. This page will take a permanent place as a Tab at the top of this website.

Here is Nirav's poster for the door to the exhibition. Then, starting from the door and moving in clockwise direction, we have some of the best schemes pinned up.
Above: Elephant and Castle: Udayan and Wezha's Migrant tower, and Sian Hodgson's Vertical Farming tower, and then the University triple tower by Deepika and Rishika.
Above: Elephant and Castle: The University triple tower by Deepika and Rishika, and the Flexitower by Nirav, Sayali and Pelin.
Above: Elephant and Castle: The Green Core tower by Veronica and Alejandro
Above: The Singapore rain-catching Roofscraper twin tower by Jue Shi and Pelin
Above: Views of the first semester work, with the Roofscraper (Singapore) by Jue Shi and Pelin, the Sikkas tower (Abu Dhabi) by Mimi and Alejandro, the Oasis tower (AD) by Aaron and Clarissa, the Aviary tower (SP) by Owen, Anh Nguyen and Yiwei Ding, Vertical Villages (SP) by Nirav and Jin Huang, and the Floating Clouds tower (New York) by Jing Huang, Chen Hu and Yu Miao.
Above: Another view of the first semester work, and in the foreground, the Elephant and Castle Healing Tower by Noura, Jing Huang and Rong Xu.

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