Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prizegiving 2012

18 June 2012: The school decided to have its annual prize giving at the Nottingham Contemporary this year, instead of the normal even in the quadrangle of the department mini-campus.
Much of the work for this entire event was done by our own TB-specialist Philip Oldfield, coordinating the student work in all categories, the printed booklet, the prizes, and more.
The Tall Building students did quite well, winning three prizes for tall building work, and in some cases winning in other categories (e.g. Deepika and Rishika for the first semester housing project and Clarissa for best Diploma portfolio.
 Pelin, Nirav and Sayali receiving the Arups prize for best engineering proposals.
Pelin and Soni (Jue Shi) getting the Canary Wharf PLC prize for best tall building, RoofScraper, a rain-catching multi use twin tower for Beach Road in Singapore, which strongly captured the essence of tropical architecture and lifestyle, and was architecturally and structurally adventurous.
Deepika and Rishika getting the Rushcliffe Solar prize for best use of PV, providing a level of PV that would generate over a million kilowatt hours a year - not forgetting that they had enough solar thermal on the roof to provide all the heating requirements for their three towers.

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