Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tall Building Crit

1 June 2011: We had the final crit of the Tall Buildings projects for London, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.
  We had Ivan Jovanovic (BDSP) and Dirk Krolikowski (RSH) as our main guest reviewers and we booked the Performing Arts Studio in the Trent building.
 Dirk and Ivan were very complimentary about the work on show.

It makes it more of an event to have a theatrical space with raked seating and a large display. Each group showed their video, or did the 10 minute talk through their large panel, and we had 10 mins to reply.

Later in the evening, we got together in Beeston for a celebratory dinner, including some of the students from the first semester Tall Building project.

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