Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AJ Footprint covers our exhibition
21 June 2011: The Architects' Journal Footprint page (Hattie Hatman's sustainability blog) is focused on the University of Nottingham end of year show. The are not only covering the Tall Buildings (although that was perhaps the original reason for coming up), so Laura who wrote the article and took the photos has done her best to take it all in. With 1,000 students there is so much to see, and the work of the final years, 3rd and 6th, is of course all displayed for the examiners, its all on show, not curated.
   The work of the 1st, 2nd, 5th yrs and Masters are highly selective so they are easier for the visitor to take in. We in the Tall Buildings unit have done our best to provide examples of sustainable design (the only designs in the entire school to be validated by PHPP), and other units focus on sustainable design. But Laura was disappointed that some of this commitment still did not show in the majority of schemes in other units or years.
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Three of our Persian students, Arash, Soha and Fahimeh discussing the exhibits in our exhibition.

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