Monday, September 21, 2009

First meeting with MArch students

We had a welcoming meeting with the M.Arch students, those who have already registered for Sustainable Tall Buildings, or those thinking of it; DNC and Phil presenting. We described the three main areas of interest: 'Urban Densification', 'Patterns of life and work with tall buildings', and 'Bioclimatic design of tall buildings', and the outline of the three semesters of the course.
This Blog, the Facebook area, Web CT and Email will be important means of communication with the groups and individuals. There are lecture courses and seminar courses such as ARM, HRI, DTM and FCT which also provide background information for the design task.
There will be a meeting on Wednesday in which people finally choose their pathway through the year, and that will finally decide how many do our course and the design project.

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