Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Broadway Malyan's help in Singapore

Singapore is a large thriving city-state with a lot of development and redevelopment, and it is difficult for us from a distance to know the details of potential sites, as so many can be found on Googlemaps.

Our dear friend Jason Pomeroy of Broadway Malyan's office in Gateway East, Singapore has identified an excellent site on Beach Rd, right next to an MRT station that is under construction. This is scheduled for a mixed use development, and is just what we would like. Jason is sending more photos soon. Jason has been a regular visitor to our design studio (managing to fit in a visit to Nottingham when he comes to England), and delivers a special lectures on skycourts, civic spaces in the sky - wonderful stuff!

I am very happy that this meets our criteria for a good site - and it encourages the preservation of the ground plane, so we will need a good groundscraper to serve whatever goes up into the sky.

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