Sunday, April 24, 2016

First studio of the summer term: ZOG performing!

21st April 2016:  We are very impressed by the presentation of the ZOG group, starting the term with a full size pin up. Some have achieved a lot over the vacation, some are still shaking the dust of New York, China or Europe off their shoes, or some just the sleepy dust.... We are here to wake them up to the urgency of the project.
Thankyou to ZOG, Zazi, Ongky and Ghulam for providing just that!

If these guys don't become finalists in the CTBUH 2016, I shall search for an edible hat to eat!

As an aside, I conclude that the undergraduate architectural education of Indonesia must be extremely good. every Indonesian we have ever had through the Tall Building Studio has finished with a Distinction. We must keep this going!!

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