Friday, October 25, 2013

Initial Design Ideas 24 Oct 2013

Three of the 'crit team' having a coffee break before it starts: Grace, Putri, Noura and DNC
24 October 2013: The Tall Building studio (who are not in Tianjin) are doing sites in Singapore and in Rotterdam, and we have had only one week since they presented their Context, Climate and Culture site analysis.
      They have been preparing their 'first response' to the site. Anything is possible at this stage, ranging from a systematic mathematical study of floor space potential, to a highly intuitive sculptural idea - we are open to everything. We don't mind how it is done, provided it isn't just talk - we like models in foam-board, foam block, wire mesh, kebab sticks, wood block, brown packing card, paper etc. We also like posters with hand drawn ideas and photos of models.

We do not expect any seriously finished or unique designs. If there is a group, we will ask for one big idea per person. First group are Harsh and Kushboo who provided three big ideas for the Singapore site, backed up with three models and three A1 posters of the ideas taken into more detail - a wonderfully pluralistic mixture of every possibility, leaving nothing out!

The other students may look a bit worried because they haven't done so much. But it is a learning experience for them to see what these two have achieved in just a few days.

Another group show us some ideas for Singapore. Having had a lecture from Prof Edward Ng the day before about Hong Kong, everybody was super-keen to retain and enhance green space at the ground plane (not forgetting that they have a MRT station on the site below the tower) and to avoid building towers that block out airflow or view to other buildings.

John Ramsay joined us for the crit because Phil is in China. We had a lively discussion of a proposal for a building with a large LED based facade - apart from the potential for advertising and special events, this could also be an 'invisible' building with the lights displaying what cameras can see on the reverse side. It could also be a permeable mesh by daytime, allowing ventilation and daylight to the space within during the day.

Hemant and Sanjiv showed us models for Singapore, towers mounted on large arches over the station. This idea is perhaps a bit too small for the large site. Small footprint buildings are uneconomic and we also hope for slightly more crazy ideas at this stage. They will do another in time for Monday.

The Rotterdam group showed us three ideas for the site - this one by Shuo is oversize for the base model, but has a good intention to shape itself organically to the site. There are some ambitious ideas for the structure and for special strategies such as rainwater catchment and vertical farming.

Yes Shuo, it is a bit big for Rotterdam. But it's a good start!

After the presentations, DNC completed the third of three lectures on Bioclimatic design thinking - Climate analysis, Primary strategies, and Detailed Solutions.

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