Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tall dinner at Nosh!

17 January 2013: It's the end of the semester, we've had the crit, and all that remains is to tidy up portfolios and submit them after the weekend. The essays were handed in earlier in the day. So, we took up most of the space in a small chinese restaurant (Nosh in Beeston) for an enjoyable dinner of chinese food, along with rice wine, Baileys, Bucks Fizz and Belgian Cider. Read some of the reviews of Nosh, it is the most authentic chinese restaurant I have seen outside of China.
Groundscraper shot of some of the food.... it just kept on coming, the chef in the kitchen deserves a medal!
Phil takes a photo of our three students who have perhaps tried too much of the Baileys and belgian cider!!
How lucky for Mr Song to be sitting with such beauties!
As we leave, we get the restaurant lady to record the moment! Wonderful evening!

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