Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MArch STB Students arrive

25 September 2012: It is the start of term and we have a meeting with our M.Arch Sustainable Tall Building Students. Two of them are still stuck in transit somewhere, so on the first meeting, we see Amna and Douglas. We are expecting a TB Studio of about 18 students, but 4 of them will be the dedicated 'STB' group, doing both semesters with us, and finishing with a tall building oriented dissertation.

Douglas Saraiva (Brazil) and Amna Shahid (UK-Pakistan) with DNC and Phil. We had a lot of applications and hoped for more, but new restrictions on Visas and the UK border agency have made the UK less attractive as a destination for education. This effect is across the entire University.

11 Jan 2013 PostScript: This Guardian article discusses the decline in overseas students coming to the UK as a result of the Government's 'crackdown on immigration'. It is damaging one of the most important 'export' industries of the UK! We hope that the specialist nature of our Sustainable Tall Buildings course will be enough to persuade people to make the journey here and cope with the bureaucracy of the UK Border Agency.

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