Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tall Buildings Crit 24 May '12

24 May 2012: We had the final Crit of the year, in the Atrium of the Engineering Student Learning Centre. This was a bit risky, conducting crits in the middle of a public exhibition, with the public walking through. But the exhibition seemed interesting to the passers by, and we were able to conduct our crits, and invited a few guests from the faculty to sit down and listen. 

 Sabina and Lukasz, with Phil.
The four main crit-reviewers, Phil Oldfield (UoN), David N-Cole (UoN), John Prevc (Make) and Lukasz Platkowski (Gensler). Sabina Fazlic was with us most of the day, but left before we took the photo.
 David NC, John and a guest from Civil Engineering look at the 'Migrant Tower'.
Alejandro and Veronica with their 'Green Core Tower'
Sayali, Nirav and Pelin with their 'always building, never finished' tower, using prefabricated components.
View of the exhibition from above. The day was relaxed, with only 10 schemes to see, because two of our designers were in Bratislava for the Isover competition world final.
 Georgia showing her tower for South Bank university.
Even when not being critted, students were enjoying the chance to relax and listen after the stresses of the previous few weeks. 

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