Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hearst Tower visit

13 April 2012: During our New York field trip, we had the pleasure of visiting the Hearst Tower, New York's greenest skyscraper designed by Norman Foster. It was originally rated at LEED Gold, but now it is up and running and measured, it has been re-rated at LEED Platinum. Victor Liu arranged our visit, and we had a good introductory talk about the design features of the building. The atrium is a wonderful place to be in, with the great megastructure surrounded by the walls of the original Hearst Building, and it includes art exhibitions and a great little food court.
 Hearst took a similar view to the clients for Commerzbank in Frankfurt - which is that "this is our Home", and we want the best building, so it does not have to conform to conventional tall building economics, it has to be the best workplace with the greatest feeling of well being for the employees. There was only one architect for it - Norman!
Yichen, Victor, DNC, Anh, Wejha
Hearst has an entirely latticed megastructural frame

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